I’m a bad blogger.

I asked a recent client about his process for creating new blog posts, and he gave me some good insight. Thanks, Gideon!

So today’s question: Inside or outside?

I’m a big fan of shooting outdoors. These days, I think 95% of all my headshots are shot outside with natural light. And if you’re familiar with my style, you know I want my subjects to look natural and comfortable. I think that putting my clients outside helps them feel less formal – having someone sit on the ground takes away any pretense! Sometimes you want that formality, but I think that looking comfortable and at ease translates to a more accessible-looking headshot – isn’t that what you want? Here’s a recent example:

Plus, you never know how you’ll be able to take advantage of the environment –

Whether it’s using background elements like the stop sign or using specific colors to really accent my subject (in this case, the touch of green in the background and her eyes)

Until next time….