What does this sign say about the business behind the door?

Would you trust this company with your business or your money? Probably not. Think of your Headshot as your avatar that the world sees, and probably judges you by.

(Potential) Clients can tell a lot about you and your business from your Headshot!

Or, at least they think they can. And perception is reality – if  you use your latest selfie for a Headshot, you may be looked upon as a person that just doesn’t care (or know) enough to put forth a professional image of themselves. It doesn’t matter how competent you really are if your avatar tells a different story. Your phone didn’t ring.

Your Headshot isn’t just a picture of you, it’s a Marketing Tool.

Done right, your photo can tell your audience a lot about you and your business. Check out these Realtors – would you trust them with selling your home? Sop how do you avoid a bad Headshot?

  1. Hire a Professional Photographer. (Hi, I’m Scot from Orlando Headshots!)
  2. Think about what you should wear, and dress appropriately for the image you want to present. Formal business attire is not appropriate for all jobs, the same way a polo shirt is not appropriate for all jobs.
  3. Do you work indoors or outside? That may dictate whether you should shoot in a studio, or maybe a natural-light Headshot is your best option
  4. Should you smile and be approachable, or is it better to look more serious?
  5. For business owners or marketing pros, you should have a consistent look to your Headshots – background, lighting, & composition. It doesn’t meant that the photos all need to be done by the same Photographer, but that doesn’t hurt. It’s frustrating to see a staff directory page where all the photos look different. Maybe it’s just me…
  6. If you don’t know how to load the photo, ask someone to help. I saw a Realtor’s online profile the other day, and her photo was sideways. I know technology can be a challenge, but surely everyone knows someone that doesn’t mind helping out… Call me if you need to!
  7. Hire a Professional Photographer.