Professional Headshots are the best Giveaway at your Trade Show booth

I’ve had a chance to work with some progressive companies in the past couple of years that have chosen to offer their booth visitors a very practical giveaway – Professional Headshots  are something that everyone needs, whether advertising, PR, websites, and social profiles – everyone should have good one. Personally, I know I’d get more practical use from a Headshot than another pen or canvas bag. Disclaimer – my shower Bluetooth speaker is pretty cool, but I just don’t ever actually use it.

Headshots are better than pens!

Elephant in the room. Yes, it’s more expensive to hire a Professional Photographer than to give away candy or promotional trinkets. However, in terms of your conversion goals, it may be a much better value in terms of generating real leads, and here’s why:

  • It’s definitely a higher-value gift. Your educated leads know the value of a Professional Headshot. Need a pen? I have hundreds that I’ve picked up. –But a Headshot is a powerful tool for personal branding that can be proven useful over and over again!
  • Getting a Professional Headshot keeps Consumers at your booth. Because of the high value of the Headshot, lines will form. Attentive potential clients spend more than a few minutes being exposed to your message while waiting their turn. Depending on the traffic flow we’ve designed, there are multiple points of contact for your message and brand information, not to mention the opportunity for personal contact while your leads wait their turn.
  • You get real contact information. Participants leave real email addresses in order to receive their Professional Headshots. No dummy email addresses or spam accounts. And with that real contact info, you now get to send the with the Professional Headshot with your branded ‘thank you’ message that you know will be opened and read! This will further reinforce your brand and the value that you’re giving away!