What does your Headshot say about you & your Business?

In most cases, your Headshot is going to be the first impression that you’ll make for potential clients, employers, customers, and peers, so we need to think about what you want people to see. Viewers should come away with a pretty good idea of what you’re like. Since you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’ve already decided to use a Professional Photographer for your Headshot – Good Thinking!


What do you want your Headshot to say about you and your Business?

Because there’s not a one size fits all solution, there’s a couple of factors that you need to think about and discuss with your Photographer:

  • What should you wear? Depending on your profession, you may need a suit & tie or a lab coat. You could be better served in a short-sleeved polo or a colorful blouse. Is a jacket appropriate? This all depends on what’s fitting in your occupation.
  • What type of facial expression should you have? Do you want to project a friendly and approachable demeanor, or a more stoic façade?
  • Should you be photographed in a studio setting, or environmentally? In most cases, a studio shot with a backdrop is the choice. But here in Orlando, we’re lucky to have great (albeit hot) weather so maybe your look could benefit from an outdoor locale, whether an urban setting or with more ‘green’ surroundings.
  • Does your Company have any branding guidelines? I’ve been asked many times to conform to specific guidelines to match Company branding. In some cases, it’s a less formal request, where Companies just want to match the look of existing Headshots.

Whether you use your Headshot in a Company Directory, in Marketing Materials, or LinkedIn or other Social Media, your photo should show your audience what you do and who you are.