You need a Headshot.

Actually, you need a GREAT Headshot.

 Seriously, everyone needs a GREAT Headshot – if you’re in Business, if you’re an Entertainer, or if you want to make the most of your Social Media presence.

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A Great Headshot allows you to:

Control your First Impression – you can choose how people see you

Demonstrate your Professionalism – show everyone that you care about details!

Stand Out from your competition – too many people still use selfies or old photos!

Boost your Self Esteem – a great Headshot fosters confidence!

Orlando Headshots

As you might suspect from the name, I shoot Headshots.

I don’t do Weddings, or Events, or Architecture, or Wildlife Photography. Just Headshots. Although I’ve been focusing (yes, I went there) on Headshots for more than a decade, I’ve been fortunate to earn my living in Photography for longer that I like to admit. As a former Cruise Ship Photographer, I have taken more than 2 million (yes, literally!) photos and know how to be efficient with your  time.

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