Is there a Best Headshot Photographer in Orlando?

Image result for best awardThere are some really good Photographers around that shoot really good Headshots. Not just me. Let me just throw this out there… Objectively speaking, there is no Best Headshot Photographer in Orlando – there’s only the subjectively Best  Headshot Photographer for you. What is better – Nikon or Canon? PC or Mac? Vanilla or Chocolate? Red or Blue? Some things cannot be empirically measured for best – but we all have our own idea of Best for Me.

Have you looked around? There are tons of photographers in Orlando, and it seems like the number is growing every day. Some are good, and some are just enthusiastic hobbyists with smart cameras. For the purpose of this post, I’m just going to assume you can tell good from bad work, quality-wise. I’ll help you weed out the bad stuff in a later post. So how do you know who is right to shoot your photos?

How do you know who’s the Headshot Photographer best for you?

First, do they shoot Headshots? Lots of Photographers do, but take a look at what else they shoot. Headshots are a pretty specific niche within Photography. Skill at shooting boats, or sunsets, or weddings, or plates of food, or cars, or football games, or dance schools, or anything else does not mean they are good at Headshots. Hypothetically, think about going to a Doctor because you had a brain tumor (sorry, depressing, I know). Would you want a see a GP? Probably not. How about a Podiatrist? Maybe a guy who happened to own a really nice stethoscope? You see where this is going – you want a specialist, right? Photography’s the same way. Just like I wouldn’t consider Orlando Headshots to photograph my wedding, you should look for a Specialist for your Headshot. Hopefully, this narrows your Photographer list a bit. The best Headshot Photographer for you is probably someone that specializes in Headshots.

Next, look at the Photographer’s samples. If you don’t like the work, you should stop right there and move on. Next up! With Orlando Headshots, my Entertainers’ esthetic is to be confident, relaxed and natural (within limits, of course!). I don’t chase that perfect, beauty-pageant, every-hair-in-place appearance. You have to look like you. And for business, I like simple & clean. I don’t use old-school painted ‘masters’ backgrounds, or distracting sets. When I’m not asked for a specific background, I tend to stick with neutral, choices – white, gray, or sometimes black. On occasion, I do get asked for a specific look, or to match existing Headshots or Company branding guidelines. What can I say? The client is the boss! The best Headshot Photographer for you matches your style and the look & feel that you like.

Your Headshot session is a collaboration between you and your Photographer. It’s their job to check all the photographic boxes – lighting, focus, composition – and to try to put you in a position to be comfortable and let the natural you come out.  But only you can say if the finished product truly represents who you are. Think: your Personality, your Experience, & your Goals. You need to feel confident that the Headshot you put out is a true portrayal of who you are – after all, it’s the first impression you’ll make in most situations. When working with me, we shoot until we have shots you love – not until I get to a prescribed number of shots or the timer goes off. It’s taken me a few years to be able to do it, but I’m quite comfortable telling my subjects when something isn’t working. Some Photographers will just go with it, afraid of calling attention to failure. The best Headshot Photographer for you is someone you are comfortable working with and that can get your best out of you.

Is the most expensive Headshot Photographer the best choice for you?

Although I’ll caution you to not make the cost of a Photographer the most important factor in choosing who you’ll shoot with, value is a factor in deciding which Photographer is Best for You. Aside from your own talent, your Headshot may be the most important investment you’ll make in your career. At the end of the day, I believe you get what you pay for, but at some point, it’s hype. On social media, I follow a Photographer in New York that charges $2,500 for a Headshot. $2,500 – let it sink in for a minute. He charges that much because he can, and not because there’s any proprietary magic that only he has! Some of you reading this may decide the highest priced Photographer is best. Or if your budget dictates, the lowest price may be the best choice for now. The best Headshot Photographer for you is the one that gives you the best Value for you – not just the lowest price.

I could tell you about the equipment I use, but really, it’s about your images – not my tools. Is Da Vinci’s legacy a result of his choice of brushes?

The best Headshot Photographer for you should take great Headshots you love by collaborating with you to get the result you need. I hope that Orlando Headshots is the best choice for you, but even if I’m not, please reach out if you have any questions about Headshot that I can help you with.