I know this because class schedules are a factor again when scheduling headshot appointments. It went by pretty fast.

Good things are happening right now…

  • I had a book printed for promotional use: see it here!
  • One of my favorite agents told me I’m her preferred Photographer!
  • A well-respected member of Central Florida’s theater community has also started recommending my services!
  • My baby turned 15 months old!
  • There may be a new home on the horizon soon!
  • …and a few other things that I want to keep quiet for now! 🙂 (apologies to Larry David for the smiley face)
Of course, there are headshots being shot, too! Here are a couple:

I actually had more to share, but for some reason, a lot of people lately have worn turquoise in their selected photos, and I didn’t want to be too mono-chromatic… Anyway, I just wanted to check in…..