I recently received this email from an actress:

I am an actress looking for new headshots. My agency told me you were the best. Does the basic package come with 1 retouched image, and then all the rest untouched, full size? Please let me know the details so I can decide if we should make an appointment. That would be awesome, thanks!
My Reply:
“The basic package comes with one retouched image, and a CD of all un-retouched full-sized images is available as an add-on for $100.”
Her Reply: 
I would really like to get headshots done, however I do not think the pricing is reasonable and cannot afford it. It is $165 for 1 retouched image? I’m just trying to figure it out?  
Do you know any other headshot photographers who have a more reasonable and realistic price? That would be awesome! thanks.

She asked about buying just the CD of un-retouched images for $100.

My Reply:  
“I can’t sell just the CD of full-sized images for $100. Even as an add-on to the package price, that’s a tremendous bargain.
I certainly understand working with a budget. If you don’t currently have the means to properly invest in your career, maybe its better to wait. 
I have a few points for you to better understand my pricing.
The price for my Package doesn’t pay for one photo – you get a photo session. We’ll shoot 100-200 images for you to choose from, and hopefully, plenty of great images to make your choice difficult. Ultimately, yes, you choose one headshot, but that’s usually what you submit – one photo. The price reflects my years of experience and the quality of my work. As corny as it sounds, you get my ‘vision’. I’m charging for the photography, not the photograph.

You can find cheaper photographers, and you can also find much more expensive ones, too. I keep my eye on the Orlando market, and for the quality of my work, believe me, I’m priced very reasonably.

Whether I shoot your headshot or someone else does it, don’t make the mistake of shopping with price as your only guide. If you want a cheap headshot instead of a good one, you’ll get a cheap photographer, maybe not a good one. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Remember that you get what you pay for.”
        So about 3 days later, she emailed back to set an appointment. When we met in  person, I asked her why she changed her mind about investing in a shoot with me. She told me she had a friend shoot some pictures…. You can figure the rest out.
She Wrote:
So, so far I have narrowed it down to like 6. I will keep narrowing down though and I will let you know either by tonight or tomorrow morning which picture I want edited. Thanks so much, and the pictures look so wonderful. It was definitely worth the money 🙂

Thanks so much!