So I’ve been absent from the blogging here… I know it’s important to keep this up and fresh, but I have a lot going on right now.

First, the headshot shooting has been going gangbusters of late. Thanks to some friends at UCF, I’ve been lucky enough to shoot a lot of people in an auditioning class that mandated new headshots for everyone. Thanks to you all!

I also work with a souvenir photo company that focuses (catch the pun?) on Sports Fan photography, with many MLB teams as clients. This means that since Baseball season has started, I’ve been traveling. A lot. As I write this, I’m in Chicago on the last leg of a trip that’s also taken me to Boston, Cincinnati, and St Louis. 5 teams in 7 days! It’d be great if I loved baseball, huh? I like being able to help the local operations with their challenges, be they technological, photographic, or logistical. I like solving problems. Anyway, I’m home tomorrow.

My wife and I are expecting a Daughter in a few weeks, so that’s something else going on in my life. Did I mention that we’re moving as well? Back to College Park, so I’ll be closer to the studio than I am currently.

Hopefully, I’ll catch my breath sometime in May, but its a lot of fun!