I’m a happy photographer.

I love it when people do their shopping and book a headshot with me. That means they like what they see and trust me to make great images with them.

True story: I had a call today from a mother interested in getting headshots done for her son, an Actor getting ready to make the move to Hollywood. She told me that they decided to both do the research to find a photographer, and then compare notes. Well, it turns out that they both had me as their first choice! I love that!!! 2 out of 2 experts agree!!

But what I love even more is when I get a call or email from someone and they say that their friend, or agent, or teacher (or someone else they trust) gave them my name because they were happy with the work we did together. I’m very proud that more than 50% of my appointments come from referrals. Its important to me that people are happy with their images before we stop shooting and end the session. Sometimes, I wonder if people just say they like the pictures because they’re being polite. Maybe some do, but when I receive a referral, I know that they really were happy with the photos.