Dating Profile Photos

Are you getting the response you deserve?

Whether you’re looking for a lifetime Match, or simply having fun dating, it’s a proven fact that better Dating Profile Photos get you better results in your search for connection.

Why shouldn’t you just use a selfie?

Ask  yourself – “Do I want to stand out from the herd?” I’ll assume the answer is “YES!”. You can do that by making that first impression with a professionally photographed portrait that shows some of your personality. And while the pixel count and image quality on your phone is probably pretty amazing, the lens that’s used has a super-wide angle view. This means that you can often come off as pretty distorted. Your nose isn’t really that big. Get more messages, swipes, dates, etc… with better dating profile photos.

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Profile photography


Includes pre-shoot consultation in my convenient downtown Studio, and about 60 minutes of photographing you in several different locations nearby, both outdoors and in the studio (if you choose). We'll shoot you in a natural style, and include different compositions , ranging from headshots to more full-length if that's appropriate. no images are included - only purchase what you want or need!

retouched profile Images

$50 per image

We can clean you up and make sure you look your best. I can clean you up without changing who you are. No catfishing, but I know we've all had those days where the hair was a bit unruly, or the skin just doesn't want to stay blemish-free. Baggage under your eyes? Say goodbye. You get the picture, but if you don't, here are some examples.

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What’s the number one, most important element of your online dating profile? One word: Your dating profile photos. Having great photos can significantly increase your chances of getting more messages, swipes, dates, whatever. Bad photos ensure cold and lonely nights.

The first thing to think about is how people will be viewing your dating profile photos – with a growing segment of users turning to their phone first, that’s likely to be on a small screen. Most people are looking at dating sites on smaller screens, so your photos have to work well on them. Don’t waste the real estate. Your main picture in should be a close-up shot of your face instead of one that’s too far away. However, typical Headshots (you may already have one for business or entertainment) aren’t always your best bet. Professionally shot dating profile photos will definitely help you stand out, but they should capture more personality, more fun, more….. you.

Having more photos in your profile is not better than having just a few good or great ones. The photos you post are the first impression you’ll make with anyone looking at your profile, so there’s no room for bad photos. It’s that one questionable shot that’s going to have searchers moving on to the next profile.

Not all your dating profile photos should be made by a professional, but having one or two will show a couple of things to prospective connections:

  • You care enough about your image to have professional photos in your profile
  • You have the means to have professional photos to use in your profile
  • You’re serious about finding that certain someone – not just slapping selfies online.

If you’re ready to stand out from the masses, get in touch and let me help you with your photos!