Trade Show and Conference Headshots

Is there a better time to get great shots of your Team while they’re together?

Do you want to give away the same tired stuff at your booth, or would you rather provide a personalized Professional Headshot?

Here are a couple of great  reasons that you should consider adding Professional Headshots to your Trade Show or Conference agenda.

Brand Continuity for your Staff

Is there a better time to make sure your staff has Professional Headshots that conform to your Brand? Your Key Staff from around the State, Country or Globe are gathered – it’s a great time to make sure they all send the same visual message! Photographing your staff is a quick process – Orlando Headshots can easily shoot 20-30 Headshots per hour (or more!).

Lead Generation

Consider offering a Headshot Lounge to give Professional Headshots as your Company takeaway. It’s a great way to provide a high-value product. Potential Clients will literally line up¬† to provide you with their real contact information. You can send the final Headshots with your compliments, along with your branded message to ensure communication continues after the Trade Show.

Why should I be your Photographer for Trade Show Headshots?

As the saying goes: “this is not my first rodeo!” Here in Orlando, there are always Expos & Conferences going on, and I’ve been lucky enough to participate in a good number of them, with all sorts of clients and services. From smaller meeting spaces to Resort Hotels, to the floor of the Orange County Convention Center, I’ve helped get quality Headshots to lkiterally thousands of people!

We can photograph your participants and have their photos available for immediate review and selection. Participants can recieve their Headshots in less than a minute via email or SMS text.

Want Headshots emailed out in real-time? I can do that!

Want retouching done on the spot? I can do that!

Want a bunch of people shot in a short time? I can do that!

My background in high-volume Photography (Cruise Ships) gives me the understanding & know-how to get ‘the shot’ so a maximum number of participants can be photographed in a minimum amount of time, without sacrificing quality! I think I may have read somewhere that ‘Time is Money’…

Let me give you a custom quote!