If you're taking part in a Trade Show or running a Conference, Professional Headshots are a great addition

Here are a couple of great  reasons that you should consider adding Professional Headshots to your Trade Show or Conference agenda.

Brand Continuity for your Staff

What better time is there to make sure your staff has Professional Headshots that conform to your Brand? Your Key Staff from around the State, Country or Globe are gathered – it’s a great time to make sure they all send the same visual message! Photographing your staff is a quick process – Orlando Headshots can easily shoot 20-30 Headshots per hour (or more!).

Lead Generation

Consider setting up a ‘Headshot Lounge’ to offer Professional Headshots as your Company Giveaway – it’s a great way to provide a high-value product. Potential Clients will literally line up to provide you with their real contact information. You can send the final Headshots with your compliments, along with your branded message to ensure communication continues after the Trade Show.

Why should I be your Photographer for Trade Show Headshots?

I have experience! Here in Orlando, there are always shows & conferences going on, and I’ve been lucky enough to participate in a good number.¬† My background in high-volume Photography (Cruise Ships) gives me the understanding & know-how to get ‘the shot’ so a maximum number of participants can be photographed in a minimum amount of time! I think I read somewhere that ‘Time is Money’…

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